Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ghosts of the Chinese Past: Ghost Town

Ghost Town (2009) - Zhao
Filmmaker Zhao Dayong's 3 hour doc on mountainous town of Zhiziluo, Yunnan Province(near Myanmar border) is a big, shapeless slice of life of its inhabitants. The change is coming slowly but surely to the sleepy mountain town. It's all quietly observed. There are many extremely gorgeous scenes including sun drenched, smoke filled(because of their wood burning cauldrons in the middle of every household) interiors with dirt floors and a night time exorcism scene with gaggle of firecracker wielding children. I understand Zhao had to slim down nearly 6 years worth of footage, but the film is still 1 1/2 hour too long. He definitely needed a ruthless editor or two. For starters, he could've easily lopped off most of animals lounging on the street scenes. A good documentary but I liked Up the Yangtze better on Changing China doc.


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