Friday, July 16, 2010


Moon & Cherry (2004) - Tanada
A nice twist on a typical pinku film premise: it's girl on top, using boy as a sextoy to further her career as a eros writer. A college freshman Tadokoro joins an erotic writing club called "Electric Button(a petname variation for female genitalia)". There he meets the only female member of the group, Mayama who is actually published unlike all the knick-knack of horny losers in a nudie magazine strewn clubhouse. Tomboyish and sleepy eyed, straightforward Mayama blows Tadokoro's cover as a pro at their first meeting- "you are a virgin, aren't you?" and lures him into series of sexcapade to help her writing. There are no strings attached and no feeling on Mayama's end. He soon is at her beck and call.

Tadokoro meets a sweet and cute co-worker Akane at the bookstore and starts having a relationship. Akane is everything Mayama is not and she gets jealous as Tadokoro tries to gain Mayama's approval on his writing.

It's a typical no budget teen roman-porno stuff. But Director Yuki Tanada has a nice, gentle touch to the whole genre. It's nicely shot too.