Monday, January 30, 2012

Live and Let Die

Source Code (2011) - Jones
Isn't it ironical but also fitting at the same time that David Bowie's son grew up to be a chubby sci-fi film geek? Duncun 'Zowie' Jones' Source Code tells a group of gov scientists using a clinically dead Afghanistan War vet (Jake Gyllenhaal) to find a dirty bomber in a crowded commuter train bound for downtown Chicago, using 'Source Code': reliving the last 8 minutes of one of the victims on the train over and over again. This ain't no anti war film with grand messages (Johnny Got His Gun, Caterpillar) or not even Groundhog Day. But in Duncun Jones' hands, the material seems much less incongruous and almost commendable in its optimism overlooking the laws of quantum physics. It's another solid popcorn movie by Jones after much coveted Moon. Enjoyed it a lot.

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