Friday, November 30, 2012

The Zone

Stalker (1979) - Tarkovsky
Tarkovsky's usual theme of faith and sacrifice in the age of science is told metaphorically, making full use of the grimiest looking industrial wasteland ever as a backdrop. Stalker is not an insufferable borefest as I remembered. On the contrary, it's a pretty straightforward and simple road movie with clear destination and purpose. Writer and Professor are guided by Stalker to the zone where people's innermost wishes come true. These are earnest people: Professor tags along with an intention of blowing up the zone so it won't fall into the hands of bad people, Writer is a doubtful holy fool and Stalker is a true believer who is burdened with guiding non-faithful to happiness. They talk, move along and talk. The action here is always breathtaking cinematography- amazing slow tracking shots.