Sunday, March 27, 2011

Circle of Violence - Broken Loudly

Incendies (2010) - Villeneuve

A mother's last wish sends her adult twins Jeanne and Simon to Lebanon to find their father and a brother they never knew existed. The story cuts back and forth btwn the present and Nawal Mawan (Lubna Azabal)'s harrowing story of how the country's civil war btwn Christian nationalists and Arabs in the 70s killed her Arab refugee lover and tore her world apart.

Resembling a Greek tragedy, this 'circle of violence must be broken' parable is too heavy-handed to be taken to the heart. Azabal's performance is amazing and there are some great photography work to speak of, including the Radiohead accompanied opening. I really wanted to see this more than anything else at this year's ND/NF. But for me it was a major disappointment.

Price of Being Cool

The Social Network (2010) - Fincher

Fincher's at it again. He single-handedly banished consumerism from earth with his slick masterpiece Fight Club. With The Social Network, he destroys the idea of Being Cool with equally ultra cool dialog. He really has his fingers on the pulse of youth of today. Just how long he can keep up with these soulless reflection is anybody's guess.