Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lived In

Our Beloved Month of August/Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto (2008) - Gomes
our beloved month of august
Because of financial problems, a film crew is stuck in a small Portuguese mountain town, Arganil, without any actors. Director Miguel Gomes uses the woes to his advantage and concocts a charming doc/narrative fusion. It's the way he goes about it that seems so right- with two and a half hours running time, he slowly builds the relationship between the townspeople and the audience. There are scenes of normal folks talking about the movie production that is taking place in their town. They are discussing their acting abilities. There is not a shred of Altmanesque irony in them. Everything, from the religious procession to various travelling music groups to the towns old bridge, has a role to play. The original story which director had is some cliché summer fling story. But it becomes much more poignant because of the films first 2/3rds. There is fluidity to Gomes's filmmaking that is gentle yet furiously inventive. It's a great film.