Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Vulnerables

Suburbia (1984) - Spheeris
I haven't felt this kind of empathy toward the kids on the skid in films since My Own Private Idaho. This is what Korines and Clarks of the world try very hard to emulate and always come across as bullshit. This is what Alex Cox succeeds in presenting only in attitude and spirits with his films. Suburbia is the real thing. Spheeris has real affection for these non-actors who act out their squatter punk kids roles super awkwardly, which is totally befitting for the film.

It starts out with a toddler being attacked by a vicious half breed doberman pinscher and ends with another gut wrenching tragedy. These punk kids might act tough, but they are vulnerable and need to be protected, not exploited. Spheeris understood that. Features D.I. and TSOL and the Vandals performances.