Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fever Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) - Reinhardt, Dieterle

In pictures:
 photo 3286ec34-1fdd-474c-8500-015e33128048_zps59e44e94.jpg
 photo 11be3189-2dc7-4726-ba46-bfa1bf1809d5_zps518d5b85.jpg
 photo 214aedca-ce88-4831-b84c-f7a2c7500aaa_zps2febba3e.jpg
 photo c430b213-7393-4b1e-bc9f-b8250ec6ba51_zps00b4e498.jpg
 photo ce715b56-d2fc-4b75-a952-a4a13215c145_zps63c926be.jpg
 photo ae517063-8eb1-4c33-ae84-647d6e44bb35_zpsea908cbe.jpg
Couldn't help checking this out based on the film stills I saw despite my disinterest in musical and the bard's comedies. This big Hollywood production is visually impressive - expressive lighting, dual exposure, wire work, lots of sparkles. Cagney and Rooney have never been more annoying. Perhaps it's the granddaddy of all "It's all been a dream"tale.

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