Thursday, April 14, 2011

She's Alive!

Android (1982) - Lipstadt
Kinski gets the top billing as a renegade scientist Dr. Daniel. But he's in the film about 30 minutes total. It's about a horny android named Max (credited as Himself) who is Dr. Daniel's assistant. When a trio of fugitives land in their remote space lab, Max makes an autonomous decision to take them in, largely because one of the fugitives is an alluring female, Maggie (Brie Howard). Dr. Daniel is mad but soon changes his mind when he too sees Maggie. The logic according to the mad doctor is, he needs a sexual stimulation from a female for his masterpiece, the perfect woman android Cassandra 3000 (Kendra Kirchner).

Metropolis references abound. Also it has a good deal of nudity and ending suggests that Android was conceived as prequel to Blade Runner or could be seen as one. For a Kinski whoring himself for a paycheck movie, this is pretty decent actually.


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