Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I happen to be very attractive

Ladies and gentleman. Please may I have your attention. I'm pretty sure many of you know me already. I'm out here every night. I've been out of job for two years now. I've been looking for work all day. Things are tough these days. Excuse me ma'am.
I'm hungry and tired. If you have any change, I'd appreciate any help. If you have any food to give me, please put your money back in your pocket, I'd take any food in your bags. And if you don't have anything to give me today but if you happen to be really attractive, give me a big hug and we will call it even until next time. All right, I'm coming through that way. Excuse me. Coming through!

Well coincidentally, everyone in the train that day happened to be very attractive. And they all decided to give this homeless guy a hug. That night his stomach was empty but his heart was full.