Rebecca Zlotowski for her film An Easy Girl, March, 2020

Filho Dornelles
Directors Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles for their film Bacurau, March, 2020

Director Angela Schanelec on her film I Was at Home, But..., Published February 2020, Interview conducted October, 2019

Director Jessica Hausner on her film Little Joe, November, 2019

Nadav Lapid
Director Nadav Lapid on his film Synonyms, October, 2019

Bi Gan
Director Bi Gan on his film Long Days Journey into Night, April, 2019

Laszlo Nemes
Director László Nemes on his film Sunset, March 2019

Director Jia Zhangke on his film Ash is Purest White, March, 2019

Director Mia Hansen-Løve on her film Maya, March, 2019

Mikhaël Hers
Director Mikhaël Hers on his film Amanda, March 2019

Emmanuel Finkiel
Director Emmanuel Finkiel on his film Memoir of War, August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.21.24 AM
Director Bruno Dumont on his film Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc, March 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.26.25 PM
Director Arnaud Desplechin on his film Ismael's Ghosts, March 2018

ziad doueiri
Director Ziad Doueiri on his film The Insult, January 2018

christian camargo
Actor Christian Camargo on Errol Morris' Netflix Series Wormwood, December 2017

Director Alain Gomis on his film Félicité, October 2017

Director William Oldroyd on his film Lady Macbeth, March 2017

Director Katell Quillévéré on her film Heal the Living, April 2017

© A Quiet Passion/Hurricane Films/Courtesy of Music Box Films.
Director Terence Davies on his film A Quiet Passion, April 2017

Director Albert Serra for his film The Death of Louis XIV, March 2017

Director François Ozon for his film Frantz, March 2017

Assayas Stewart1
Director Olivier Assayas for his film Personal Shopper, March 2017

Director Asghar Farhadi for his film Salesman, January 2017

Director Scott Barley for his film Sleep Has Her House, December 2016

Director Maren Ade, Actors Sandra Hüller and Peter Simonischek for their film Toni Erdmann at NYFF in October, Published in December 2016

Director Johnny Ma for his film Old Stone, October 2016

Lucille Hadzhalilovic
Director Lucile Hadzihalilovic for her film Evolution at ND/NF in March, Published in October 2016

 photo f2505005-20a7-4b8b-be81-46e5400709fe_zpsg47zwtqk.jpg
Director Robert Greene for his film Kate Plays Christine, August 2016

 photo 2cce4372-f5a7-475d-8a67-42b57eec7260_zpsv8cmwid1.jpg
Director Avishai Sivan for his film Tikkun, May 2016

 photo 47093210-5613-4e37-8253-715f3aab5a50_zpsebwx0slu.jpg
Director Terence Davies for his film Sunset Song, May 2016

 photo 4357eae4-6f3b-48d6-9ae5-d2ef2510849e_zpsy0qjgnj2.jpg
Director Gabriel Mascaro for his film Neon Bull and Gabriel Mascaro: Ebbs and Flows Retrospective, April 2016

 photo 5442e477-ef07-46aa-9732-ac325de24664_zpsffgba4ii.jpg
Director Joachim Trier for his film Louder than Bombs, March 2016

 photo 7f74a82f-ae74-49bb-89c5-f066f7c4a9d2_zpszxewhsv9.jpg
Director Don Cheadle and Actress Emayatzy Corinealdi for their film Miles Ahead, March 2016

 photo 9cc81f2d-a615-4734-80b2-eb5f7668eac4_zpsaszytukv.jpg
Director Arnaud Desplechin for his film Our Golden Days, March 2016

 photo 4b39aa05-d6cf-415b-8c47-a4a135aba9e9_zpstyaacsjp.jpg
Director/Artist Scott Barley for his films, February, 2016

 photo 1bb65ead-9172-4ed0-9890-9bb8937eeec1_zpsi5zu3l2u.jpg
Director Miguel Gomes for his film Arabian Nights Vol.1, 2 & 3, October 2015

 photo 25b1b25a-0be3-4722-bc6b-702d60cf213f_zpsszleakxx.jpg
Directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala for their film Goodnight Mommy, conducted in March, Published in September 2015

 photo b3eac697-a4c9-4e2b-a104-1b3afe174145_zps8cc18gld.jpg
Director Hubert Sauper for his film We Come as Friends, August 2015

 photo bb8f0d97-1038-44f5-a8ac-60c689836636_zpsxjmfvwst.jpg
Writer Sven Hansen-Løve and Actor Félix de Givry for their film Eden, June 2015

 photo 98f52bb7-0c8e-4974-aff0-af0b74d19def_zpspjklej0t.jpg
Director Crystal Moselle for her film The Wolfpack, June 2015

 photo 0d477502-07ff-46b0-8db2-65b08e47da72_zpseiqcdo1l.jpg
Director Stéphane Lafleur for his film Tu dors Nicole, May 2015

 photo 2b86c556-a87b-4cca-84b8-97d33ba3f53e_zpsuehgmjds.jpg
Actress Hannah Herzsprung for her film Who Am I: No System is Safe, April 2015

 photo 10441d7c-10b6-4c09-8ab3-349864b8fd25_zpsyksklmet.jpg
Director Christoph Hochhäusler for his film The Lies of the Victors, April 2015

 photo 768f56ee-09b2-49cf-bdde-68430410ff96_zpskdvijoiq.jpg
Director Olivier Assayas for his film Clouds of Sils Maria, Conducted Oct 2014, published April 2015

 photo ad2962eb-bdc7-475b-bbcd-39c029e7095e_zpsmgdb4cn4.jpg
Director Benoit Jacquot for his film 3 Hearts, March 2015

 photo f9176bce-7b23-4c3e-8815-bf61cf285abc_zpsdlhcs0sx.jpg
Director Lisandro Alonso for his film Jauja, Mar 2015

 photo d4ddc320-8d02-443f-a23b-ac90492a7530_zpskki4vcho.jpg
Director Celine Sciamma for her film Girlhood, Jan 2015

 photo de9ebd74-9789-41c5-8dbf-39abfd2dff48_zpsgur4ux5a.jpg
Director Abderramane Sissako for his film Timbuktu, Oct 2014, Published Jan 2015

 photo 1ff8bba8-f19d-4e82-abf4-0a7dcf84df8e_zpsc1bc5bf2.jpg
Director Ruben Östlund for his film Force Majeure, Oct 2014

 photo 539046d1-6879-453f-840d-55f077cce005_zps915db29a.jpg
Actor Johannes Bah Kuhnke for his film Force Majeure, Oct 2014

 photo 6990735c-f5f4-41fd-9a71-c3b925f602fd_zps676b72d5.jpg
Director Alice Rohwacher for her film The Wonders, Sep 2014

 photo 4de0eee6-f726-4745-b3dd-166dd49c12cc_zps475be219.jpg
Actor/Director Mathieu Amalric for his film The Blue Room, Sep 2014

 photo 7a3b06c6-7250-40b1-be10-50eaa1646a58_zpse5bdc571.jpg
Director Joanna Hogg for her film Exhibition, June 2014

 photo tumblr_m2a6gjrwM01rqmc3uo1_1280_zps7dfe4c96.jpg
Director Richard Ayoade for his film The Double, April 2014

 photo 4e7203ad-b7ae-47ed-b903-7105f34b56e6_zpsc7cb366a.jpg
Director Valeria Golino for her film Miele, March 2014

 photo 808a7957-9c7f-40c0-9f59-dcaaf6a6a113_zps6ec190fe.jpg
Director Hany Abu-Assad for his film Omar, Feb 2014

 photo 6f1c0d6f-03c9-4d8a-a527-fa478de8faaa_zps3f37a590.jpg
Director Hirokazu Kore-eda for his film Like Father, Like Son, Oct 2013. Published in January 2014

 photo 3c15ee1b-05d1-4419-8ea4-0291f2cb8dea_zps14805332.jpg
Director John Sayles for his film Go for Sisters, Nov 2013

 photo b83e23e7-7a4c-4ed9-a2ce-a8a4549cb917_zps95c90cde.jpg
Director Claire Denis for her film Bastards, Oct 2013

 photo ea69187b-d643-48e6-b6bc-c2df29b981b3_zps14d5c59f.jpg
Director Jia Zhangke for his film Touch of Sin, Oct 2013

 photo 70001262-b7d3-475d-a64f-8d13ad4cd2e4_zps9e8b721a.jpg
Joshua Oppenheimer for his film Act of Killing, Mar 2013, Published in July 2013
Trent Harris
Director Trent Harris for his Traveling Retrospective, May 2013

seidl photo 0c003e7e-c23e-470c-9175-205ded96f66c_zps4497aa78.jpg
Director Ulrich Seidl for his Paradise Trilogy, April 2013

sebastian junger photo c4bb0218-0020-4235-8b08-0438dacef625_zpsc56d9446.jpg
Director Sebastian Junger for his film Which Way is the Frontline from Here Mar 2013

 photo Castaing-TaylorampParavel_zpseeadb930.jpg
Directors Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel for their film Leviathan, Feb 2013

 photo 592c0441-aee9-4207-a893-c43edfe29c49_zpsf545555b.jpg
Director Abbas Kiarostami Interview for his film Like Someone in Love, Oct 2012

Director Miguel Gomes for his film Tabu, Oct 2012

Director Christian Petzold for his film Barbara, Oct 2012

Director Michael Haneke for his film Amour, Oct 2012

Director Julia Loktev for her film The Loneliest Planet, Oct 2012

leos carax
Director Leos Carax for his film Holy Motors, Oct 2012

Director Andrea Arnold for her film Wuthering Heights, September 2012

christophe Honor�
Director Christophe Honoré for his film Beloved, August 2012

klayman ai
Director Alison Klayman for her film Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, July 2012

Director Tran Anh Hung for his film Norwegian Wood, December 2011

Director Mia Hansen-Løve for her film Goodbye First Love, October 2011

Director Alma Har'el for her film Bombay Beach, October 2011

Director John Sayles for his film, Amigo, August 2011

Director Errol Morris for his film, Tabloid, July 2011

Director/Stars Alexandra Roxo & Alana Kearns-Green for their film Mary Marie, Brooklyn Film Festival, May 2011

Director Peter Bo Rappmund for his film Psychohydrography, KAFFNY, March 2011

Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul for his film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, February 2011

Director Kim Tae-gyun for his film Barefoot Dream, Korean Movie Night NYC, January 2011

Director Claire Denis for her film White Material, November 2010

Director Yu Irie for his film 8000 Miles & 8000 Miles 2, NYAFF, July 2010