Monday, May 16, 2011

Darko Days

S. Darko (2009) - Fisher
However convoluted and flawed Donnie Darko was, I can't help being teary eyed at the brooding teen's sacrifice to save the world every time I watch it. Now some fanboys try their hands on the story (albeit smaller in ambition and scale) and fail miserably.

7 years after her brother's untimely death, Sam Darko (Daveigh Chase), last seen as the member of Sparkle Motion dancing to Duran Duran's Notorious, is a sultry 17 year old, running away from home, on the road with the daisydukes and not much else wearing best friend Corey (Briana Evigan). They are marooned in some small sleepy Cali town when their car breaks down. Sam still has haunting memories of losing her brother and the Darko doomsday gene is still prevalent in her. While interacting with the locals, she will have to solve mysterious happenings all around town.

First of all, there are no good characters. And it completely lacks wit which made Donnie Darko a lot more identifiable and enjoyable. The film has a lot of nice looking scenes and wallflowers but so does the Twilight saga. Soundtrack is pretty decent too, but there is no weight or poignancy tied to it. Donnie Darko was a great period piece. The presence of Iraq Jack is not gonna replace the 'Smurf' talk.

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