Thursday, April 28, 2011

To the Sea

Alamar (2009) - González-Rubio
There is a brief intro to how Natan, a fat cheeked, curious dark little boy came about, in snapshots with his Italian mother's narration. She was vacationing and fell in love with a local fisherman in Mexico. But their lives were completely different, so now the boy lives in Rome and dad comes over and takes him to his tiny fishing village for a while.

This 'for a while' is Alamar- the boy learns how to snorkel, fish, makes friends with birds, interact with the locals and nature while living in a house on stilts in the middle of the ocean with his dad and grandpa. This docudrama captures some very intimate moments of father-son relationship in the stunning backdrop. Beauty is in its simplicity. Alamar is slice of life doc at its best.