Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vision Board 2014

Our friend Crystal had her beginning of the year party/get-together/let's-all-draw-something thang at her apartment. We had to trek all the way up to Washington Heights in a slush mess of a weather and there were more than 20 of us drawing on our 'vision board': a piece of wooden board where we draw our personal vision of the new year on our hands and knees. There was homemade coconut, plantains & vegetable stew with beans and rice- Crystal's family's from Puerto Rico = a damn good stew. And I drew this for myself. Since I don't draw regularly, I was quite intimidated by all the artists around me. But I think it came out alright:

 photo 677add51-44b6-4664-8af2-538d38dd475c_zps77321de4.jpg
Happy New Year Everyone!

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