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Wetlands (2013) - Wnendt
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Carla Juri makes gross look sexy in sex comedy Wetlands. Juri stars as our unreliable narrator Helen, a longboard riding 18 year old who suffers from chronic hemorrhoids. Brought up in a household with extremely hygiene conscious mother, Helen developed a strong tendency to experiment in unclean situations with her body. A shaving accident leaves Helen's cauliflower scarred and sends her to a hospital and much of the film takes place in a hospital ward as she goes in and out of consciousness/surgeries. She has two big reasons to stay in the hospital- to reunite her now divorced parents by calling them in at the same time and to seduce a gentle male nurse Robin. There is a hidden childhood trauma somewhere concerning her unhappy parents and her little brother and she longs for her parents to reunite. Its messy, labyrinthian plot includes Helen's relationship with her naive best friend Corrina, her many sexual encounters and mishaps, drug binge and subsequent wild times in the subways and discos and much more bodily fluids.

Think of Juri as a younger, dirtier, naughtier, uninhibited version of Greta Gerwig. Her sunny disposition and charm largely carries Wetlands. Its flashness doesn't come across as show off-y but playful and joyous. It plays out like a chaotic, x-rated Amelie.

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