Friday, November 14, 2014

Devil Worshipping

To the Devil, a Daughter (1976) - Sykes
 photo 1a431a56-3cd7-4341-8d4a-ab8445199462_zps82d10fe1.png
Devil's offspring is born. Oh baby!
 photo 024d6c20-6079-4c38-8363-c814d44cb082_zpsa4316323.png
It's Nastassja Kinski's turn to inHABIT the nunnery
 photo 15e455b8-f388-48b7-9391-1d8ea911905c_zps38f9cc5e.png
The baby needs to crawl back to the womb for some reason
 photo c1307fff-f3c9-4c33-89a2-3080458093c4_zps0a234e22.png
Mr. Widmark is too old for this s**t!

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