Thursday, January 28, 2016

OK Computer

Unfriended (2014) - Gabriadze
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Finally a legit horror movie for the internet age, commenting on cyber bullying and inanity of private teen lives in America. Forget about some serial killer stalking attractive teens in the woods. It is just as nightmarish for these kids whose sole communication system is taken over by some vengeful, omnipresent computer hack! You don't care for any of these attractive teens if they will each die a horrible death or not. So all the cryin and hollerin and emotional fireworks these kids display on their own corner of skype boxes are for naught. Levan Gabriadze fully takes advantage of lack of details in internet communication to amp up the tension and fuzzy up the logic and it works mostly. Unfriended has no chance of aging gracefully, but I bet they spent as much money on the whole movie as they did for a pair of Keanu's sunglasses in Matrix.

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