Monday, May 29, 2017

Cold Fish

La Truite (1982) - Losey
truite 7
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From what I've read, Joseph Losey planned adaptation of Roger Vailland's book of the same name with Brigitte Bardot in mind. He got to make it much later with the one and only, Isabelle Huppert. The choice of Bardot makes a lot of sense to play a sexpot who can't be controlled by surrounding men and like a trout, would slip away from their grasp. But she would've been too obvious of a choice and the movie would've been less interesting. La Truite, instead, is a much more nuanced film about sexual power play, finding love in the cold society and fraternity of women.

Frederique (Huppert) works at a trout farm in the rural area. She is young and married to an effeminate young man, Galuchat, who grapples with his sexuality and has suicidal tendencies. Frederique is also disgusted by her father and his friend's behavior among village girls- 'taking them to his chalet' has an ugly connotation in her mind. It is revealed in constant flashbacks that she belongs to 'carefree girls club' where they perform rituals and swear to each other never give men what they want. It's maybe or never. Galuchat and Frederique meet an old couple, Rambert (Jean-Pierre Cassell) and Lou (Jeanne Moreau) and their friend St. Genis (Daniel Olbrychski), a rich business man while bowling. Rambert and St. Genis are immediately smitten by Fred. St. Genis offhandedly suggests to take Fred to his business trip to Japan. Rambert is mad jealous and Lou is pissed at Rambert. Fred rummages through high society and wreck a havoc.

Off they go to Japan. Fred soaks in her first plane ride and exotic culture and all the luxury St. Genis provides for her. But she never gives him what he wants. Because Galuchat's suicide attempt, Fred and St.Genis come back to France. Rambert and Lou are in the fritz because of Fred. Lou and Fred bond over their mutual understanding of men's folly.

It's all Huppert though. Her mixed naivete and nonchalance makes a hell of a complex, beguiling character. She can be brutal in kicking old pervert's balls several times but also can be remorseful after throwing the man's stuffed trophies out the window and seeing him cry. Another strong film that demonstrates Huppert's talent and charm.

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