Monday, May 20, 2013

A Broken Heart

Police (1985) - PialatImage
What makes a good Policiér: a tension filled plot where criminals always get apprehended at the end? Well orchestrated shootout sequences? A stoney faced hero with macho attitude? A good moral lesson? Memorable villains? Pialat's Police has non of that. When it's all said and done, it's about a broken heart. Then why is it infinitely more watchable?

Gerard Depardieu plays a tough veteran detective Mangin in a busy police district in Paris. He apprehends a couple (Simon and Noria) who are suspected in drug trafficking after a tip from a source. After grueling interrogation, Noria (Sophie Marceau) is released but not Simon. Now his brothers are getting antsy. With a pretty superintendent trainee in tow, Mangin, Noria's lawyer and Noria go out dancing. Hey, we are all human beings aren't we? Men, women, attraction...things happen. One day you slap her around and manhandle her, the next day you are making out with her. It seems Noria is taking advantage of everyone- the lawyer, Simon, Mangin, as she steals a suitcase full of money and drugs from Simon's brother who is in the hospital after getting stabbed in the gut multiple times while attempting revenge on the informant.

The best part of the film is Mangin and Noria driving around 'til dawn making out and talking, as if they were 15 year old teenagers in love. After he finds out what she has done, he returns the bag full of money and drugs to the guys to save her. She leaves. No promises are made that they won't track her down, no retaliation or shooting, no dying in your lover's arms or anything. Not even a goodbye kiss. Mangin quotes someone, "Deep down everything is rotten, or wait, was it everything is awful?" It's all realistic but not minimalistic. Devoid of drama yet human connections seem genuine and real. She was a cold bitch but he will no doubt miss her

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