Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pinoccio Doesn't Lie

Pin (1988) - Stern
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Really creepy movie about a medical dummy taking over one's life, psycho style. Dr. Linden has a medical dummy sitting in his office and whenever his well behaved button nosed children - Leon and Ursula drop in, he would use his ventriloquist skillz to have them believe in Pin talking to them. This would go on for a while and Leon especially takes into believing that Pin is a real living being and talks to him. He still can't figure out why Pin refuse to speak to him while his father is not around. One day, Leon is traumatized after witnessing one of his father's nurses gets down and dirty, using Pin. Ursula, uninhibited and adventurous, starts having sex at an early age and becomes pregnant. With Pin and Leon's ratting out to their father, she gets an abortion at 15 (by her father naturally). Then their parents die in a car crash with Pin in the back seat.

Things get weirder. Leon is obsessed with Pin and wants to have him around. Ursula, now a library clerk, is creeped out by it, but for love she has for her brother, keeps on living in the house with Leon and Pin. When Ursula shows an interest in hunky Stan, overprotective and puritanical Leon starts scheming with Pin to off Stan just like he offed aunt Dorothy.

Pin is one of the creepest 80s horror movies I've seen. I mean, wow. Creepy.

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