Sunday, January 3, 2016

Night Hunting

Hunter (2015) - Barley
 photo 87a3c9ea-5300-48f8-8aee-7b47a3c0afde_zpsnh8mwqye.png
 photo 92fa8640-5f98-4d40-9b74-5c7a21892912_zps0ub0ozuw.png
 photo 3200254a-3a7b-4526-a62a-92dfbed96449_zpsr6wtr3b4.png
 photo 4c12798a-e8fb-407e-9440-9791b3a6e9a2_zpswapdvjbp.png
It's inspirational. A short film shot entirely on iphone by artist Scott Barley. The pitch dark night time photography barely sketches out the outlines of the scapes and objects. Barley's on par with Grandrieux to chart the unknown visual sensory territory here. Sound is just as immersive - the constant running of mountain stream. Barley then blends his images with computer generated aurora to top it off at the end. marvelous stuff.

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