Saturday, May 9, 2015

No Subtitles Necessary

The Tribe (2014) - Slaboshpitsky
 photo ac3309c7-ed7d-4a50-873b-11ec58a56ed9_zpslh2ihygt.jpg
Miroslave Slaboshpitsky literally 'shows' that basic human emotions doesn't need translations. A silent film comprised only of highly choreographed long, wide steadicam shots, the Tribe is technically brilliant. Bleak, dehumanizing setting - a deaf school doubling as lowly criminals' den ripe with violence, theft and prostitution, is not particularly interesting though. Yes it is a cool concept to have a film entirely in sign language without subtitles. Violence, love and revenge- all easily understandable but what else is there? Everyone in the film is a stock figure, even the good natured boy in the beginning who falls into 'the tribe'. He is nothing but a schoolboy crushing on a blonde who is used as a truck stop whore. And I'm sick and tired of this type of schoolboy macho filmmaking.

I really don't see any merit or intelligence beyond the initial concept of The Tribe. I just hope Slaboshpitsky comes up with something for the next film to prove me wrong.