Thursday, October 16, 2014

Absurdist Humor

Buffet Froid (1979) - Blier
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Gerard Depardieu plays a lonely unemployed shlob, Alphonse, who stalks a man (Michel Serrault) in the subway station, desperate to talk to someone. He ends up knifing the man in the gut without realizing. He spills his guts out to a police inspector (Bernard Blier) who just moved in to the same, underpopulated highrise apartment. The inspector is completely oblivious about Alphonse's deadly encounter. Then Alphonse's wife gets murdered. Her killer (Jean Carmet) in turn, shows up. He is a lonely, needy man who can't help himself. They become an unlikely trio. More murders, more dames, more absurd situations ensue. Carol Bouquet shows up late as a vengeful beauty.

I love Blier's absurdist, deadpan comedies. It might seem one non-sequitur after another but Buffet Froid abides by its own logic and nothing else. Love the neon colors and architecture. It's pretty awesome.