Monday, September 3, 2012


Le Pont des Arts (2004) - Green
le pont des arts
le pont des arts 1
le pont des arts 2
Le Pont des Arts' highly theatrical style- actors talking directly into the camera, back to back reverse shots, no overlapping dialog and flat lighting almost threw me off in the beginning but I'm glad I stuck by it. There are two young mismatched couples: Pascal and Camille, both university students and Manuel and Sarah, computer scientist and a classical singer, respectively. It's a ponderous movie about the power of art connecting life and death. It's funny, tragic and touching. Eugène Green seems to have very unflattering view of the philosophy/music/theater establishment. The most hideous scene of all that shows his contempt is Jean-Astolphe (Olivier Gourmet), known as 'the Baroque genius' performing from Phédre in full drag in front of a male prostitute he just picked up. Natasha Régnier plays Sarah who is going through existential crisis. I gave in as soon as I saw her anxiety ridden eyebrows starting to twitch. The main attraction is of course, Monteverdi's Lamento della ninfa, a mournful song which is supposed to transcend life and death in appreciation, is indeed heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Loved it.