Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reincarnation: Unmistaken Child

Unmistaken Child (2008) - Baratz
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A Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Zopa has a grand task of finding a reincarnation of his beloved mentor/Buddhist master Geshe La(Lama Konchong). After consulting astrological experts and advices from elders, Tenzin sets out for a small mountainous town in Tsum Valley in Nepal with little indications on what to look for. As he admits, he can not be sure, he's not Buddha. After interviewing many little-more-than-a-year-olds and their parents, he finally finds the possible reincarnate in a little boy. It's quite something to see the little one not letting go the rosary that belonged to his possible former self. The boy is then tested by other older, more estimable monks then finally gets approved by Dalai Lama himself. The process is fascinating and much more graceful than Catholic rituals.

The emotional journey is beautifully shot and the setting is spectacular. The doc is intimately narrated by Tenzin in his very good English. It's his long soulful face that communicates thousand words without saying much. A beautiful film. I gasped when the credits rolled though. The film was shot by my friend Yaron Orbach. Then I remembered him telling me stories about his trip to Tibet 4-5 years ago. Good job Yaron!