Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hungarian Nights

Sinbad (1971) - Huszárik
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Shots of burning embers, budding flowers, lock of hair, frozen leaves take residences in Sinbad, Hungarian filmmaker Zoltan Huszárik's take on Arabian Nights via Gyula Krúdy, stars Zoltán Latinovitz as the aging womanizer Sinbad. This fragmented, lyrical film jumps time, place and seasons to reflect Sinbad's mind state as he reminisces his conquests and contemplates his life. It's a playful feast for the eyes.

Hard Times Series Premiere

My friend Tahir Jetter's new webseries is going up tomorrow, May 21st, 8pm. Tahir is a super talented writer/director whose short, Close, got into Sundance back in 2011. I've been watching him struggling, putting a lot of time, effort and money to this project and was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the series. Unlike most of the things that are out there on the web, Hard Times is a very well polished, fresh, humorous look at twenty something life in a global recession era. Here is a trailer, take a look:

Make sure to tune in for Hard Times ep.1: