Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Go for Sisters (2013) - Sayles
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A solid movie from John Sayles. It's not mindblowing or anything but as usual in John Sayles film, acting and script are superb. It concerns two childhood friends, Bernice (Lisa Gay Hamilton) and Fontayne (Yolonda Ross) reuniting as a parole officer and a parolee. Their lives went different ways after High School. Bernice became a no-nonsense, "I can sense your bullshit even before you finish your sentence" law enforcement agent and Fontayne has been struggling with drugs and bad relationships.

Bernice gives Fontayne a break with the parole violation for old times sake, but its her asking her old friend's help whose seedy underworld connection might help locate her son who maybe in trouble. With the help of an old disgraced cop, Freddy 'the Terminator' (Edward James Olmos) the odd trio embark on a road trip down south of the border.

Fine tuned performances never delves into caricature territory. Class differences explored and so is the problems of human trafficking across the border. Olmos is so fucking good in this as an aging cop who is amazing at his job while going blind. And there are some very fine moments in the film that would've definitely ended up on the chopping block if it was a studio film. Go for John Sayles!