Friday, August 3, 2012


There is a McDonald's right across from my job. As I was passing by to get a coffee, I noticed the sign. It was done by a homeless guy sitting right outside McDonald's. I couldn't help myself but talking to the guy. I asked him if this was his opinion. He said, "No man, you can ask any homeless person, black or white, they will tell you the same thing, Asians are the least compassionate people in the world. Do you have a dollar?" I gave him some change. We got into a deep discussion. Richard, a nice, young black guy. Not crazy at all. He also said women are less compassionate than men. I mentioned it might be because homeless men are usually fucking scary. As if to prove his point, and maybe encouraged by me taking pictures of the sign, an Asian woman shop keeper next door came out and took a picture of the sign with her iphone while talking loudly on the phone, "I'm going to call the police, this is really unacceptable..."

Only in New York. I love it.