Sunday, September 13, 2015

Greenpoint Outing 9/13/15

Nicole and I went out to Greenpoint today to checkout Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. Most of those exquisite trinkets were too much to afford as expected but we had a great time walking around. Here are some pictures:
 photo 05918f2a-b6a5-477a-8e0d-5dfad3b03cb1_zps8ufrkawm.jpg
The setting sun hitting just the top of the Ed Hopper row houses on Kent Ave.
 photo bc130a5e-b51c-45e8-9e61-fbb40ecc70bb_zpsadxbzvqy.jpg
Nicole at The Bounty. They have a lovely backyard, well more like a greenhouse. We took a shelter as the rain drops fell. The sky was getting dark then cleared again.
 photo a8773500-b904-4565-95cb-c5f6fc5a81cd_zpslnr37e1k.jpg
The ceiling of the greenhouse.
 photo 27c490cc-668e-4f1a-aeca-f2a5fd5488d3_zpsnhfzyg3z.jpg
 photo 203ec110-698c-4e7a-9152-da6b399a0012_zpsapt1popd.jpg
Inside the Bounty Bar.
 photo cfc40ba6-fbb9-469a-9d42-d716a949ba61_zpsiffx9u8z.jpg
A window display of a house full of toys. This person must love showing off his toy collections.
 photo 4bc8362c-9a8d-4611-b2dc-b987ee46aa64_zpst01fpbrs.jpg
Empty lot near the East River overlooking across Manhattan at sundown.
 photo ad9c18c5-a7bb-4ffd-bb23-cd7099536ba5_zpsudbfvj4q.jpg
Ducks taking a bath in rain puddle.
 photo b6595ee5-bb1a-4aef-a83d-84fcf0c6b561_zpseiy79zha.jpg
Some funny Ad campaign.
 photo 07de30c3-913e-4132-a94a-870190008a19_zps2vpdh57h.jpg
On the Waterfront looking across Empire State Building at dusk.
 photo ae0af4c4-676d-4113-9441-04d16b23dcbd_zpssjipyql7.jpg
Some salacious poster for a show.