Monday, January 26, 2015

Ninja in America

Ninja III: The Domination (1984) - Firstenberg
 photo 2831b93e-17c9-4069-b760-9473fd3f3165_zpsakh6urdd.png
Ninja Cutlery
 photo e361c52a-15bd-4eee-8e3a-259ad64c4f24_zpsp68rchsd.png
Come to me, you sword of doom you
 photo 70fded05-4b7f-4c30-8aab-b6f4ab406d57_zpsmcnqpnl0.png
Christie can't help herself dancing uncontrollably when haunted by the ninja ghost
 photo dee7b3e1-84f4-42e7-8583-f156293a3a34_zpsgskqljt0.png
Badass ninja from JAPAN
 photo 40d6bccb-1237-4861-be20-fa86d4b46ff2_zpsf1iueahb.png
Who could have guessed that the Bouncer arcade game Christie owns is a portal to ninjaland!
 photo 0a6069d6-2d1a-4a8b-b5fb-1388819e8442_zpspf0ptdue.png
Ninja showers
 photo 1e826a4e-2cef-4113-a6f2-b50501c48bd4_zps0vbr3h6i.png
Ninja art of seduction
 photo cf563005-7051-4e90-a5d5-00e4f4747752_zpsnpwlprdm.png
Bad ninja breath
 photo 0339bc03-908b-4409-913c-35a604fd0e08_zpsg13dmczx.png
Raccoon eyed ninja
 photo 1dd6ea07-5414-4fee-8684-e7a21b2797ba_zps1taf1mpk.png
Ninja soul escaping

Christie (Lucinda Dickey) is just ordinary working gal: she works for a phone company, climbing up the telephone polls in a cute jumpsuit, then changes to a neon colored leotard to teach an aerobics class. She encounters a dying ninja who just killed about a hundred LA cops along with his intended victim. His soul gets transferred to Christie and she becomes an unstoppable cop killer. Ninja III, mired in 80s b-movie cheese and unrealistic settings, Patric Nagel, squiggly neon tubes, is loads of fun.

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