Saturday, August 20, 2011

Intimacy on Film

Bedways (2010) - Kahl
Is capturing real intimacy on film possible? Does it need to have real sex in order to achieve that? What's the difference between that and a porn then? RP Kahl ponders some of these questions with the graphic new film, Bedways. A raccoon eyed film director Nina (Miriam Mayet) enlists two young, good looking actors, Hans (Mathias Faust, looking like a hunky Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Marie (Laura Cooper) for her new project. There is no script or money for it yet. It's still in a rehearsal stage. Nina is exploring what the film is going to be. For seven days, she and the company discuss the process and have erotic moments with each other.

For me, if a film sets out to be 'about' real sex and intimacy, the result is always dismal. Only a good, balanced film that worked for me, featuring real sex was Winterbottom's 9 Songs. The subject of Bedways is a bit cliché now. Not as shocking or controversial as before. But I like Kahl's approach to the subject. Armed with a small HDV camera, Kahl documents an artist's creative process without being self referential or overly dramatic. In the end what Nina finds, is what she doesn't want- and that's pretty amiable thing to realize as an artist. Does Bedways work as a movie? Not really. It doesn't hurt that three principal characters are very attractive. As far as a film experiment goes, Bedways raises many same questions that I've been wondering about but doesn't really succeed in answering them. I give Kahl credits for trying though.

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  1. The director of BEDWAYS shot a new project! It's called REHEARSALS and it is a kind of a remake of his film. Some reviews are telling these: "Wilder, much more explicit and also funny!"
    But there is no regular release. Only a strong limited release of only 100 copies (numbered and signed) could be picked here: Check it out!