Thursday, May 17, 2012


City of Pirates (1983) - Ruiz
city of pirates
city of pirates1
city of pirates2
city of pirates3
city of pirates4
city of pirates5
city of pirates7
Ruiz's adult fairytale has no city nor pirates but crazy colors, incomprehensible plot and Anne Alvaro's long, emotionless face. It has something to do with Ophelia complex and being trapped by family, gender, history, time.... Most of the surreal dialog/monologues completely went over my head, but the haunting images have cumulative effect as the film progresses. Not completely impenetrable and not as mystical and silly as Jodorowsky surrealism, but there seems to be more of a meaning and weight to Ruiz than just a simple mindfuck. As I'm left with a lot of things to chew on, I think I can really get into Raoul Ruiz.

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