Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sink or Swim

Drowning by Numbers (1988) - Greenaway
 photo c9a66b75-8781-4ebb-b9d2-f0adee5a048b_zps9b761d26.png
 photo ad3643bf-6d09-4fb6-8746-504c8ad879b3_zps0959850f.png
 photo 4a29442c-b4a4-4ac7-b3d6-cfaa3a60478c_zps1cb79539.png
 photo cf20552d-40a6-4e86-a171-a3f7facf15c6_zps7c7ce202.png
 photo 7fdfa33e-92ee-4c6e-8a94-8b7a9b00e659_zps05fa5738.png
 photo b00db8c3-a90e-4338-b3b8-b1bc06076394_zpsa34a5647.png
Satunning: visual symmetry, use of background/foreground, lighting, insanely elaborate mise-en-scene.... Drowning by Numbers is just out of this world. The work of a true obsessive compulsive. The plot involves women, all named Cici, drowning their husbands.

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