Tuesday, March 25, 2014

System of Down

Quod erat demonstrandum (2014) - Gruzsniczki
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Yet another slice of social realism film from Romania under the Ceausescu regime in the 80s. Gruzsniczki shows the demoralizing effects of its oppressive system in the lives of three of its inhabitants. Sorin (Sorin Neoveanu), a brilliant mathematician is on to something big. His theories alluded to be the basis for all the future technology - internet, voice recognition, cell phones, etc. Fearing his defection to the West, the regime's making his life extra difficult, meaning, no Ph.D. candidacy, no promotions, no publishing opportunities, no visa. His old college friend Elena (Ofelia Popli) is under surveillance after her husband defected to France. With a troubled teenage son and an ailing father, her only hope is joining her husband in Paris. Alexandru (Florin Piersic Jr.) is a seasoned policeman who is getting snubbed when it comes to promotion. He needs to make friends in higher places and get a breakthrough to get ahead. All these life's struggles are captured in beautiful, crisp monochrome image in incredible details. It reminds me of Barbara by Christian Petzold. It's grittier and colder, and understandably so.

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