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Goodbye Again (1961) - Litvak
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Melodrama of highest order! 40 year old Paula (Ingrid Bergman) is an interior designer in Paris. She and playboy Roger (Yves Montand) has a non committal relationship that's been going on for 5 years. Enter one of her clients' 25 year old son, Philip (Tony Perkins). He falls in love with Paula and starts stalking her. While Roger is sleeping around on 'business trips', Paula finally gives in to Philip's persistence. Roger gets jealous and wants her back. Torn between a charming womanizer and a lovesick puppy, Paula can't make up her mind.

Anatole Litvak's melodrama puts the focus squarely on a middle aged woman as she succumbs to ageism and societal pressure. Roger even says himself that what he's doing is 'normal', insinuating what she's doing is not. Paula is left with making bad choices. Bergman is still luminous and Montand, suave but it's Perkins again who steals the show. There is a certain child-like vulnerability in him with a hint of cynicism and cruelty. It's in his dark eyes. Here, he remains sweet and lovelorn and falls victim to the seemingly impossible love. There should be a thesis written about Perkins and older women.

Hilarious trailer narrated by Pepe Le Pew:

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