Thursday, December 18, 2014

Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit

Viola (2012) - Piñeiro
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What a delightful film! Doesn't hurt it features tightly shot closeups of very attractive actors bathed in warm, inviting color palates. It starts out as something and morphs into something completely different, but not in a conventional, hokey way. It's light, playful and seems to have some magical, personal logic of its own to follow. Characters goes in and out of the scenes, focus shifts from one to another, plots cross each other and intermingle, sunny and rainy in a same day and certain part is a dream...? Also it's the first movie I can think of where Shakespeare play is used in a very nonchalant, adorable way. The rehearsal scene where two beautiful girls (Elisa Carricajo and Augustina Muñoz) reciting from Twelfth Night over and over again is extremely sexy. Then there is Viola (Maria Víllar), a girl works as a delivery person on a bike for her and her nerdy looking boyfriend's CD/DVD counterfeit operation out of their living room. The ending is even more delightful. I am so regretting not seeing Piñeiro's new film The Princess of France at this year's NYFF.

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