Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top 20 Discoveries of 2014

Bulk of my cinematic exploration came early this year: there was always dependable Rendez-vous with French Cinema series of course, providing me with my #2 pick of the year, Love Battles, then there was the best film series I've ever been part of in a long time, the first inaugural Art of the Real, presented by FSLC. The series encapsulated everything I was interested in cinema now - blurring the boundaries between film and reality, fired up by people at Havard Film Ethnography Lab (Leviathan, Manakamana, Iron Ministry). Then there was annual New York African Film Festival which fueled my interest in African films. Needless to say, It's been a very good year for films.

Top 20 in order watched:

Drowning by Numbers (1988) - Greenaway
 photo cf20552d-40a6-4e86-a171-a3f7facf15c6_zps7c7ce202.png

Another Sky (1954) - Lambert
 photo 68a7deb7-51c7-4f6b-8c24-749b9958ff59_zps8722bc12.png

Still of the Night - (1982) - Benton
 photo 46507861-9f55-4b14-a641-ca6110f0873c_zps229aaf85.png

Le Notti di Cabiria (1957) - Fellini
 photo df2db6b5-60d3-4605-afef-bbb90c94e373_zps61526e44.jpg

Under the Sun of Satan (1987) - Pialat
 photo 0a98be50-dc4c-487f-80c2-ac891dc20cbb_zps21d3d592.png

US Go Home (1994) - Denis
 photo 079efb0e-3f19-4214-89e8-8071b3d6cd10_zps09057129.png

Libera Me (1993) - Cavalier
 photo 3875efc8-2774-436c-92aa-28436861abd4_zps79a6eb6a.png

Touki Bouki (1973) - Mambéty
 photo c41d08b8-faed-4f3e-ad9f-67ae4d831792_zpscefe9e19.png

Yeelen (1987) - Cissé
 photo e498b7da-1943-4ce3-a063-dde56c1a0ab7_zpsac2e6b04.png

Sinbad (1971) - Huszárik
 photo fed2b81b-8183-421c-9f2d-c5d0b2e0cebb_zps1660c95d.png

Phaedra (1962) - Dassin
 photo c6f339fe-3b71-49ff-a860-7bb874e62cd7_zps848fa3c3.png

Goodbye Again (1961) - Litvak
 photo 6e62a84e-7842-4add-8ed2-3e4c06ffa186_zps5a17826f.png

Koumiko Mystery (1967) - Marker
 photo 8537fe6f-c92e-4916-a7b6-ffbccaf20ab3_zps89975887.jpg

L'Avventura (1960) - Antonioni
 photo 3c3e4642-e54d-43a3-9277-4416f94850b1_zps69630056.png

Détective (1985) - Godard
 photo e1c857ea-0fb3-407c-86cf-ceb4249e4cb4_zps451070e2.png

Rendez-vous (1985) - Techiné
 photo 5fc494fb-8dff-4992-94ee-f7cd4ced35cd_zpsf70c023b.png

The Public Woman (1984) - Zulawski
 photo 8543635f-7322-4fd8-a28f-30ef08738b40_zps85c973af.png

Strayed (2003) - Techiné
 photo d2f05e2b-0b51-475d-a442-54744e07ea00_zps88c71645.png

Buffet Froid (1979) - Blier
 photo f31d5e15-3b9e-4f26-96e3-ec5b1d66b95f_zpsa43ae045.png

Viola (2012) - Piñeiro
 photo 61881f18-4f3f-44a0-95fe-567e12c2c57e_zps4540a3bb.png

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