Monday, December 21, 2015

Top 10 Discoveries of the Year

The films below are the ones I discovered for the first time this year. Actually, I've seen Godard's Eloge de l'amour in theaters and I remember hating it. I wasn't really a Godardhead back then. Innocent times. But the rest of the films are the first time viewing.

My search for the works of particular artist continued and I landed on the works of Lisandro Alonso, who is by far, one of the most interesting filmmakers working out there. Then there is of course, Pedro Costa and Godard. My film viewing dwindled because of a job change in the middle of the year and not as robust as last few years. But still got to discover quite a few gems, the the ones below:

O Sangue - Costa
 photo d3733167-1a88-46ae-a60f-f5bee869f04b_zpskgxstg4t.png
Los Muertos - Alonso
 photo 61033b81-91a4-4c1b-ba7f-90825314b3b8_zps2n7woqba.png
Il Futuro - Scherson
 photo 8b53a354-4605-4ecd-b78e-b311dbb30005_zpsurybhhyt.jpg
Liverpool - Alonso
 photo b452ed8e-9619-4c48-abac-d21a7c553965_zpscykyvhup.jpg
Eloge de l'amour/Forever Mozart/Passion - Godard
 photo 9eea4be3-8894-43ba-b5ee-dc4a48c4d0ab_zpsvkgkgd74.png
 photo 8a1f9bfe-0f48-440a-ad75-8862c5652876_zpsh4ugzgr9.png
 photo f93d2f95-b32d-479f-a616-0ed6866243cd_zps7ab18eb9.png
Mildred Pierce *mini series - Haynes
 photo 79ec81c4-4428-48cc-90d3-dbefb3718c7f_zpstunksmtt.jpg
La belle personne - Honoré
 photo ffa44972-544c-464d-a876-684704f95dff_zps4es77nr9.png
Yearning - Naruse
 photo 2194cd01-4ed9-453f-a878-6ec32ecbb93f_zpsfqf7ih7j.png

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