Sunday, February 16, 2014

Child's Fever Dream

Paperhouse (1988) - Rose
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A mischievous Elementary School girl Anna (Charlotte Burk) is having fainting spells lately. In her fever dreams, she sees a house in the middle of a field and a paraplegic boy who lives there. For some reason, whatever she draws in her big sketchbook is directly related to what happens to the boy. Then she finds out that the boy exists in real life. The dreams become nightmares when Anna's anger toward her absent dad (Ben Cross) materializes.

I've been a fan of Brit director Bernard Rose ever since I saw Candyman. I always adored his visual style. This early effort of his is no exception. Stunning visuals and vivid imagination, Paperhouse is way too good to be regarded as a children's movie. It's also way too dark for kids but dang, ain't it maddeningly gorgeous!

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