Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cyber War and Its Presentation on Film

Zero Days (2016) - Gibney
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At the height of 'Iranian nuclear program' scare in the early 2010s, Obama administration and Israelis developed a internet virus called Stuxnet. The cyber attacks on nuclear centrifuge sites in Iran, Gibney presupposes in Zero Days, which interrupted Iran's nuclear ambition just for a little while, was carried out by impatient Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu after tweaking the virus without Washington's approval. Hence the appeasement from Obama administration with the historic nuclear deal in 2015 and brought on sour relations with the Israelis ever since. Also, this cyber aggression set the precedents for other nations doing the same on the US- glaring example being Russian hacking of the 2016 election.

It's all eye opening, mindboggling stuff. Gibney supports his thesis with interviews of countless heavyweights in gov intelligence community. But as with his other documentaries, Gibney almost ruins it with cheesy, completely unnecessary graphics. It's important information delivered badly, almost unbelievably so. There needs to be some sort of revolution in documentary filmmaking because so called reputable mainstream docs make me wanna vomit.

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