Monday, June 2, 2014

A delicate Investigation of Life's Mysteries

Recuerdos de una manãna (2011) - Guerín
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Guerín observes his neighborhood from his Barcelona apartment window. It seems there are a lot of musicians living in the neighborhood, you can see them and hear them practicing through open windows. One of these musicians, Manel, a violinist, jumped from his balcony to end his life. He is captured in Guerín's camera many times, practicing shirtless most of the time. Guerín interviews his neighbors about the suicide, how they knew him, how they found him and how the death affected them. Manel had been depressed. His relationship with the woman who worked at the radio industry was over. Others concedes that he wasn't a very good musician. The world goes on, the seasons change, people go on about their business.

Just like his other films, Guerín conducts his little investigation in the mystery that is life and it's beautiful. Also he can't help inserting a beautiful woman violinist as she dances to music in her apartment and plays with her infant daughter and practices her music. Not sentimental but infinitely warm and inviting, it's Recuerdos de una manãna's lyrical imagery that does all the lamenting about fleeting life. Barcelona never looked more beautiful in the rain than here.

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